Land Rover Defender Light Bar LED 120W Power 22″ Spot Flood Lamp


Land Rover Defender Light Bar LED 120W Power 22″ Spot Flood Lamp Off Road

This LED Light is your best work mate for various applications such as roadwork, parking, landscape lighting and general outdoor usage. With the high performance & quality LEDs, you are assured of excellent lighting with low energy consumption. High Power, waterproof, dust proof, durable, shock and vibration resistant, which makes it perfect for different types of vehicles.


* LEDS, brighter, longer life span (Length: 22″ Power:120W (CREE3W*40pcs)

* Luminous Flux: 9,600 lumens

* Thicker die-cast aluminum housing, design for better heat resistant

* Premium PC lens for abrasion resistant

* Stainless Steel adjustable mounting brackets

* 60° angle flood beam for wider visual area (Beam: 30°Spot, 60°Flood, Combo)

* Energy-efficient and low power consumption

* Waterproof, dustproof, durable and vibration resistant

* Also available in 32″ (180W), 50″ (288W), 52″ (300W)


Perfect for different types of trucks, Off-road vehicles, 4×4, Military, Mining, Boating, Farming, Heavy Equipment forklift, trains, boat, bus, tanks, ATVs, arts, truck, engineering vehicles etc.


LED Light Bar + Mounting Kit

Additional information
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 58 × 10 × 10 cm