The client delivered a great example of BMW 1980’s R100T. He had a clear vision to completely transform it into a scrambler with some new features.  High quality components was key to making the project a success.

Fuel Tank
Strip fuel pump and send off fuel tank for respray in Nardo grey
Custom Fuel cap Billet Aluminium
BMW B&W logo


Powder Coat Wheels
Remove + install both Wheels excluding hubs and shaft drive
Powder coating
New Set of wheel bearings, remove original and supply and fit new bearings


Seat and Subframe
Brat Frame Loop and Subframe  (BMW R-series Brat Subframe Uncoated Chromoly)
Powdercoat new rear sub frame in Black
Brat seat diamond pattern black Long 62

Lighting  and electrics

LED headlight in Black with assembly casing
LED bar end indicators Motogadget L + R
Bar end mirrors  Motogadget M.View Spy
Mesh Café LED Tail Light with plate holder Black
Rear LED Indicator Premium Flat Black Aluminium Micro pair
Small size black vintage number plate


Front & Rear Mudguard
Use old front mudguard and chop down
Remove old front bracket, paint and reuse on new mudguard
Rear mudguard – Scrambler Fender Long 115 x 48CM black


YSS Twin Shock Absorbers (RZ302-T alu/black BMW twin)
 Handle Bar, Levers  and Switch gear
Biltwell Tracker Bars Black 1 inch
M-Grips Soft black
Left and Right side Retro Brake/Clutch set with reservoir
3 Button M-switch Black 1″
2 Button M-switch Black 1″
M Basic Unit
M Basic unit Cabling
Domino Throttle slow release


Cylinder Cover – Rockers
Gasket cover


Daytona BMW Boxer adaptor
Daytona Velona 2 80mm W/Lights
Remove old and fit new Speedo reconfigure all wires


Megatone Silencer Reverse Cone flat black 43cm long (current 80cm)
Black exhaust wraps 10m x 5cm Plus 10 metal zip ties
Fitting new silencer to manifold pipes


Fitting battery & wiring  inside air box
New Lithium small light battery
Reroute wiring and housing in air box


Misc Work
Remove Choke cable, Fit master cylinder bracket, Choke plungers
Re wire electronic ignition – spark side
Twin brake line JMP stainless
Throttle assembly and  twin brake line labour
Air box Shorty eliminator
Tyre Rear: K60 Scout M+S 4.00 -18 TT 64 T
Tyre Front: K60 Front 100/90 -19 TL 57 H